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Employee Benefit Plan Audits

The Department of Labor (DOL) requires an annual audit of all employee benefit plans with 100 or more eligible participants. This includes pension plans, 401(k) plans and 403(b) plans, ESOPs and others. While time-consuming, the annual audit is an important safeguard against fraud and abuse. With proper analysis, the audit can also help you more effectively and efficiently manage your employee benefit plan.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, "The more training and experience that an auditor has with employee benefit plan audits, the more familiar the auditor will be with... the special auditing standards and rules that apply to such plans..." Our benefit plan audit team members consistently deliver high quality, efficient audits to our clients.

Your annual employee benefit plan audit may be an unavoidable cost of doing business, but it does not have to be a prolonged, cumbersome, costly process. Riley and Company PLLC has the employee benefit plan audit expertise and technology you need to save time and money.

How you will benefit from our commitment to excellence

To demonstrate our commitment to quality benefit plan audits, we have joined AICPA's Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center (EBPAQC). That means we subject ourselves to additional scrutiny so that we can ensure we maintain the highest level of audit quality.

Our commitment to benefit plan audits

We're committed to benefit plan audits. We allocate significant time and resources to ensure our staff is trained in audit procedures and disclosure requirements unique to the benefit plan industry. We provide extensive training for new staff and continuing education for experienced staff. 

Because of this emphasis you can expect continuity in the staff assigned to your audit.


Riley and Company PLLC recognizes that auditing employee benefit plans is an industry-specific service that requires specialized experience and knowledge. With changing rules and regulations from the Department of Labor, Internal Revenue Service, and other regulators, it is essential that organizations choose the right audit firm for their employee benefit plan audits.